Democratic Republic of Congo

Congolese women
are heads of the household.

In spite of this, they have not received any kind of education in a society in which the percentage of educated women is very low. In order to benefit from their farming, they need training and tracking.

They want to gain access to the best markets, but thelack of resources for the distribution of their products prevents them from this. Besides, food needs are obvious and they have to be improved.


  • To empower female farmers

    so that they can manage their production, increasing the production and efficiency.
  • To stock markets

    with different products, providing green vegetables and the selling of surplus.

  • For women's civil organization

    to sell surplus and organize a local supply point of seed and fertilizers. 


  • High demand for (quality) food in Kinshasa, which is a big city with more than ten million inhabitants.

  • State strategy to achieve food safety, based on the modernization of the agricultural sector and the development of rural areas.

  • A positive experience of work with CECFOR's beneficiaries since more than 23 years.

  • Montblanc Foundation and CECFOR have been working together in this area since 2005. In that same year, there was an intervention on this same matter.

Opportunities of the project