Fundació Montblanc per a la promoció de la dona:

Female farmers


The Project

The project led by the NGO CECFOR, from Kinshasa, and the NGO Montblanc Foundation, from Barcelona, promotes the organization of female farmers in Kimbondo, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It is expected to provide the necessary resources so that women can manage their own production of vegetables without leaving the farming of cassava, which is the cornerstone of the family's diet.

What do we do?

We choose

the beneficiaries of the project.

We train

women in agricultural techniques, production management, accountancy, and human and gender rights.

We reinforce

their job and performance by hiring young women to do physical work. 

We implement

production with diversified crops under women’s supervision.

We monitor

statistical production management.

We distribute

work groups for marketing and we start the savings fund.


Some of the last organizations and companies that supported the female farmers project have been:


Some foundations and business have provided private donations to the project.